Who We Are

Since 2010, Azamara® has delivered a unique way to travel that we call Destination Immersion® experiences. Our intimate, club-like ships can fit in smaller ports bigger vessels can’t visit, and as a crew member, you'll experience destinations that aren’t even on the map for other cruises. With smaller ports, longer stays, and more overnights than other cruise lines, Azamara makes it easier than ever to be immersed in the heart of local cultures in the ports we visit.

Our Ships

The Azamara experience permeates from onboard with our top-tier crew, premier service, and a fleet of boutique ships. Azamara is comprised of four R-class ships: Azamara Journey®, Azamara Quest®, Azamara Pursuit® and Azamara Onward®. Our smaller ships accommodate up to 702 guests, and are perfectly sized to cross oceans, sail into intimate rivers, cruise along scenic waterways, and dock at locations bigger ships can’t reach.

Guests enjoy many inclusive amenities such as gratuities; select standard spirits, international beers, and wines; bottled water, soft drinks, specialty coffees and teas; self-service laundry; shuttle service to and from port communities; concierge services; and one complimentary destination event on each voyage: AzAmazing Evening® or Destination Celebration®.

Our Crew

Our global guests come to us for the destinations we visit and the cultural connections we make, but they return to Azamara for the unforgettable hospitality that our crew provides. Our staff-to-guest ratio is 1.7 staff to 2 guests, and this allows us to offer personal, hands-on and friendly service from the first point of contact to the end of the voyage. Our crew comes from every corner of the world, and are the men and women at the heart and soul of our brand.

Our logo consists of three main elements: land, sea, and star. The main visual component of our logo is an open world. The left stroke of the “world” represents the Earth and our extensive land program offerings. The right stroke represents the sea and the vastness that the Azamara ships cross. The third component of our logo is the star, paying homage to our brand’s earliest roots. The name “Azamara” was inspired by “Acamar,” a star revered by the ancient Greeks, as it was the brightest in the southern sky. Similar to the North Star, our star serves as a navigational beacon of light, guiding us as we cross extensive paths over both land and sea.

Altogether, the land, sea, and star represent Azamara’s mission of connecting guests to unique explorations in unparalleled destinations across the planet.

Current Opportunities with Azamara